For over 30 years we have been assisting clients with a wide variety of investigative matters. Here are some of the services we offer and a representative sample of successful projects we have completed:

Background Investigations

  • Alerted our client to the past misdeeds and business failures of a developer seeking $100 million in financing for a joint venture.
  • Uncovered information that our client used to successfully discredit an expert witness in a major lawsuit.
  • Uncovered an illegal business scheme promoted by a con man who represented himself to our client as a wealthy, reputable businessman.
  • Uncovered damaging information about a key witness in a potential anti-trust prosecution. As a result of the information we obtained, our lawyer client was able to persuade the prosecution to drop the case.

    "When you need to know"

    Fraud Investigations

    • Investigated an alleged contract kickback scheme involving an executive in a Fortune 500 company.
    • Uncovered diversion of funds from a multi-million dollar real estate project.
    • Uncovered a securities fraud scheme and located recoverable assests for a swindled investor.


    Asset and Divorce Investigations

    Whether it's litigation, a collection matter or a divorce case, information about assets is often a critical element in a successful outcome.  We specialize in working with lawyers and their clients to develop the asset information they need.  Here are some examples of cases we've handled in all three areas.

    • Located stock, property and bank accounts in the Pacific Northwest controlled by a developer and his partners from whom our client was trying to collect on a judgment.
    • Located assets in the U.S. controlled by a foreigner against whom our client was trying to collect on a judgment.
    • Discovered numerous businesses and properties in the Southwest controlled by a debtor/defendant who had told our client that he was "penniless".
    • Discovered offshore companies that an individual from Europe had used to conceal his corporate holdings from a creditor.
    • Located substantial assets of two defendants in a personal injury case. The information enabled plaintiff's counsel to effect a settlement on favorable terms for the client.
    • Exposed a complex scheme by which a husband concealed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of marital assets from his wife.  As a result of the information we uncovered, the wife obtained a much larger property settlement in their divorce case.
    • Discovered a large number of properties that a husband had concealed from his wife during the marriage through the use of corporate and partnership entities.  As a result, the wife was able to obtain a larger divorce settlement.

    Business Investigations

    • Assisted outside corporate counsel in an investigation of a scheme by company employees to embezzle funds through an elaborate sales tax fraud. Information we gathered was used to recover stolen funds from the employees.
    • Assisted outside counsel for a major Wall Street firm with an investigation of its employees' handling of the sale of an improperly documented debt instrument. Information we gathered enabled the firm to assess its potential liability and avoid costly and embarrassing litigation.
    • Designed and implemented a comprehensive strategy to halt industrial sabotage in a large manufacturing plant.